Russ Adams   

Russ Adams


Russ Adams : Founder / Creature Creator / FX Artist

Russ Adams is a creature designer best known for his work on Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. Selected from nearly a thousand applicants he became one of ten cast members in Season 1, and appeared in seven of eight episodes. Russ quickly became a fan favorite and the most recognized cast member on the show.

Russ has developed a wide skill set during his years of experience working on Hollywood production, and within the independent film and theater communities. He has been credited with over a dozen indie films in the United States and many more spanning 8 countries.


Jaymee Lords

Jaymee Lords

Jaymee Kerr  : Administration (Ogden, UT)

The lovely lifeblood of our operation! She handles just about everything.





Staci Lee: Publicist & Public Relations

Most people contacting EDFX encounter Staci before talking to anyone else. Its a good thing too. She much more pleasant individual to talk to, then say Russ. Sorry man!



Fellow Artists

Rayce Bird: RayceBird.Com

Marcel Banks: Independent Makeup FX Artist

IVONNE ESCOTO: Fabricator and Creature Designer

Lex Rudd: Fabricator and Creature Designer

Rashaad Santiago: Independent Makeup Fx Artist