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Bitty Bigfoot™

Bitty Bigfoot™ is a sleep little guy. This is the latest creation by creature designer Russ Adams. This critter is handmade. It's 26" tall with very soft fur.  The face, hands, and feet were sculpted,  molded, and cast in resin. These pieces are hand painted by this artist. The body is an original design with hand stitched fur. Looking for an extremely cute, original gift? Look no further. Click for more information. 

Bitty Bigfoot™ comes in several colors (Photos to come), gray, dark brown, brindle, blonde, and white. Artist maybe willing to produce the creature in other colors not mentioned here. Email Us with your suggestions. Because everything here is handmade, please allow three weeks for the creation of this fella. 

NOTE: These are not toys. They are pieces of art created by special effect artist and creature design Russ Adams of Syfy. The feet, head, and hands are solid resin and if swung or thrown could injure a child. For that reason, the Bitty Bigfoot should NOT be purchased as a child's toy.  If you have any questions, please let us know before you purchase. Thank you.

Bitty Bigfoot™ is currently $250.00 plus shipping. 

Color Scheme

Dark Brown Bitty Bigfoot 1.jpg
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