Foam Fabrication Workshop

August 19th 2017 (Saturday)

August 20TH 2017 (sUNDAY)

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This two-day workshop is taught by Russ Adams. Russ is best known for his work on SyFy Channel's Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge, but has also worked on upcoming films like #Screamers, SLC Punk 2: Punk's Dead,  Juarez 2045 starring Danny Trejo, and more.

Class rates include build materials, tools (Participants will provide their own respirators), 7 hours of instruction, and hands on practicals. Each student will be provided patterns created by Russ and used to create the project depicted in the images above.

When the class is complete, students leave with solid knowledge of foam fabrication, patterning, and assembly. 

NOTE: This class doesn't cover mechanisms, servos, finishing, or cabling. Although, students are welcome to inquire about these items and anything other related information. It’s also important to understand, that due to working speed, not all students will completely finish their projects. ma PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE ORDERING. 

The creature glove project was chosen because it encompasses a number of foam fabrications uses;

1. Foam used as anatomy

2. Foam used as costume pieces

3. Methods of cutting foam

4. Joining multiple foam pieces

5. Covering foam

6. Painting

We strongly suggest all students bring their own Respirator. You can pick up an inexpensive respirator at Harbor Freight. The glues we use do have fumes associated with it. A respirator is necessary for your safety.

Because of the nature of the construction, no children under 18 will be permitted. Please don't bring a friend, unless that friend has paid for the class. Photography will be limited. Patterns will be returned at the end of class.

Our schedule is as follows;

August 19-20 (Saturday and Sunday) 10am to 2:30pm


Instructor will demonstrate the process of laying out pattern shapes to maximize material use. Students will be provided patterns, cutting tools, and adhesive for use in class. The participants will as be provided with upholstery foam for their projects.


Assembly includes gluing foam pieces together to make the gloves (Students should bring their own respirator).  


The instructor will demonstrate methods of covering the foam and painting techniques.  Russ will also discuss hair work.

Day-1 Class Saturday August 19th 2017 11am-2:30pm

Day-2 Class Saturday August 20th 2017 11am-2:30pm

These classes are typically small to allow for more personal attention from the instructor. Interested parties should sign up as soon as possible.


We accept credit cards over the phone, or you can purchase via PayPal.


$175.00 each

CLASS IS $175 per Person (Materials Included)

Classes are held at our Ogden, Utah Studio

1501 w 2650 s
Suite 105
Ogden, UT 84401


1. We also reserve the right to refuse a student for any reason.  2. Classes cannot be refund once material purchase has been made, two weeks before class date.  3. We expect all participants be respectful of each other, the studio hosting the class, and the instructor. Students may be asked to leave without a refund if they are unable to follow these directions.