Our very own creature designer, Russ Adams, created these amazing zombie busts. Sculpted, molded, cast, and finished by Russ himself. No two zombie busts are exactly alike. These are roughly 11 inch tall resin casts of an original sculpture. There is a limited run, so once they are gone, thats it!

Zombie Bust.JPG



This poor fella  was caught and sentenced to death for a dark crime. One too dark to post on the internet. For his crimes, the tribal chieftain ordered that his head be removed and shrunk down. The chieftain ordered the executioner to sew the sentenced man's eyes shut, so he could not find the Chief in the spirit world. The Chief ordered him mouth sewn shut so that he may not speak the Chief's name in to the spirits. Then, he ordered the man's head be places on a modest stand and shipped out of the village to be enjoyed by anyone willing to pay for him.

 $50.00 (US Dollars) plus S/H.


If you want a story to go along with their coming to pass, then here goes. This is Gill and Jim, two poor old gents who trekked through the amazon jungle hoping to recapture their youth. Unfortunately, they whoo'd the wrong tribal princess. The Chief caught them in his innocent daughter's hut at one night. The next morning Gill and Jim were rounded up and sentenced to death. Their heads were cut off, and shrunk to tiny sizes. Too ugly for even the angry chieftain, they ended up on the black market, finally finding a home on some film producer's desk.

These shrunken heads are cast in latex. They are set on twine to be hung around rear view mirrors, on golf bags, or any where you need to the power of dark Amazon magicks.

These Heads are $25.00 (+S/H)